Mr. Jalen Rose made a comment on ESPNs Mike and Mike in the morning when he said “ I got a problem when any guy has his shirt off and chest bumps another man”. Well GLADD where are you right now? Is it that someone in the sporting world said it that you don’t care? Or is it that it doesn’t matter cause guess what it’s not someone saying that they should slap the “ish” if they like a white man’s underwear? I have had it with people pick when they feel that it is important to take action. Do you know just as many people watch ESPN first thing in the morning than CNN. Mostly males but also professionals who don’t really want to pick news channel.  This is America for you one group turns in a fit and guess what a man might not be able to work while at the sametime we have a lack of understanding in the black community cause this will make a second time in as many days where “homophobic” Dialog will come out of sports and this time maybe it will open people’s eyes to the fact that its sports and the idea of masculinity.

  You want to know why you get a lot of “straight guys” who love gay man? Go to a coach’s office and listen to the words spoken in those settings, but what happens to the alpha males? How about the alpha male that happens to be gay and refuses to say he is gay because of the negative information that is portrayed with the gay community. I am not alone in my feelings because guess what I did what I had to do cause I wasn’t a victim. People like myself don’t come out cause we don’t fit the mold. We aren’t in the click of being gay and we don’t care to be associated with much of what goes on. Not unlike the light skin black people that could pass during the Jim crow days. They did what they had to do to make it but it didn’t make them any less black because they were born different than many other people.


Bottom line is that gay and black in America doesn’t exist if your seen as a man and I am a man so I have to change views because the liberals don’t want to help out and the conservatives hate people like me because they way some liberals make us look.


About akilpatterson

world traveler, youth sports director, and advocate for social justice issues. Akil is founder and CEO of the Patterson Project along with professional public speaker. Akil is young with an old soul as he travled and learned america by living with the people.
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